Khandesh College Education Society's
Orion English Medium State Board School
  Bahanai Vidyangan M.J. College Campus Prabhat Colony area Jalgaon     (+91) 257 2226443, 2236445

Shri. N. G. Bendale

President's Message
  The vision of our president is "Think Globally & Act Locally". The impact of Liberalisations, Privatisation & Globalisation on education all over the world is more effective in 21st Century. Our institutions should think & work over it. The progress in the.... Read More . . .

Principal's Desk

    School for a tiny tot is the first baby step into the larger world from the secured lap of his parents and family. It is the environment where the child begins to learn the rules and customs of the society he is about to be fully integrated into, and adjusts its behavior accordingly.

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