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Co-Curricular Activities

Since the most valuable part of the child’s life is spent under the roof of the school and mere instructions in prescribed courses would lead to only lopsided development, a comprehensive co -curricular Learning Program ensures that our children get ample opportunities to participate in various activities enabling them to identify their preliminary interests.

The main objective of the co curricular program is to let our children develop characteristics like self confidence, sense of co- operation, spirit of emulation and appreciation. We aim to ensure healthy competition, team spirit and give children opportunities to display leadership, camaraderie and enjoy the moments of achievement. The co curricular learning program is closely threaded into the academic program of the school thus ensuring that children are receiving a balanced developmental input.

The students are divided into four houses viz. Blue Bells, Flora, Rose and Sunflower. Teachers are entrusted with House Mistressship and students with Captainship, thus taking care of conducting different activities.
To help children realize their inner strength and develop qualities like tolerance, co-operation and sportsmanship; vacation camps called Summer Camps are organized every year.
The activities are divided into categories like Athletics, Craft, Language, Music, Dance, Environment Awareness, etc.

The co curricular learning program is divided into three stages

Initiation :

In this stage the children are initiated to a gamut of activities to choose from. The children may try a hand or two at different activities in order to gauge their interest in each activity. The children are then briefed about the activity, its purpose and the process of working on it. This further supplements their interest quotients.
The idea is to let children make an informed choice and do something of their liking. The initiation may last for a period of one month.


Under the able guidance of experts children are coached in their field of interest.
In this stage the children get acquainted with the technical and practical aspects pertaining to their field of interest. The children during the stage of preparation start with the Beginners module.

After successful completion of Beginner Module the children move to the Amateur module and later the advanced module of Performers begins.
This enables the children to progress at their own pace without any undue expectation.
Children also get to meet eminent personalities from their field of interest that they are pursuing

Handwriting Mimicry Dumb Charades
Rangoli Acting Quiz
Drawing and Painting Fancy Dress Puzzles and Cross Word
Recitation Group Singing Elocution
News Reading One Act Play Debate and Extempore


The school arranges for student’s visit to places of interest according to their age level. We believe in broadening their outlook and increasing their knowledge through these educational trips. The educational trips give the students a lot of exposure and help to broaden their outlook.

Life skills Program:

The life skill program emphasis on bringing the children close to practical aspects of life. This shall have initiation activities towards culinary skills, presentation skills, cultivation meaningful conversations, debating, and conflict resolution. The Life skill program also introduces the children t o Social welfare activities and concepts of learning by doing. The idea is that the children should be able to appreciate the fact that we first need to do the work ourselves and then expect others to do the needful.

The program also supplements the academic curriculum by enabling the children to go for field trips pertaining to their subject or topic this allowing them to see theory in action.

Value Education Program:

The Value education program aims at imparting relevant universal values amongst the children. The idea is to sensitize the children towards the universal values of truth, honesty, integrity, morality, commitment and responsibility.
The program is knitted within the curriculum and begins right from kindergarten with basics of reciting prayers and goes on to become part of the decision making process as the children grow.
The key motivation of the Value Education is to ensure that children make judgments not just on facts and figures but also take into consideration the humane aspect of their very decision.
Dance, music,Yoga, karate meditation etc… are taught on regular basis.

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