Khandesh College Education Society's
Orion English Medium State Board School
  Bahanai Vidyangan M.J. College Campus Prabhat Colony area Jalgaon     (+91) 257 2226443, 2236445

Achievements Sports

Our students also participated in various sports competitions like floor-ball, gyminastics, Swimming, Aerobics etc.. at state level and national level and won various medals.

I am happy to inform you that we are honored to receive Rs 75000/- as cash prize from District Collector and DSO of Jalgaon for topping in Sports and achieving awards in district, State, National and International level.

School offers a wide range of sports such as football Volley ball, Cricket, Atheletics, badminton, Basket Ball, Kho-kho etc.
Every year students compete in different categories in the sports as a part of the sport day apart from playing & practicing thorough. The year students are encouraged to play all kinds of sports.

Our students have also won accolades at the state & national levels in individual sports such as skating, swimming, badminton, archery, boxing, Taekwondo & support sporting talent with great enthusiasm.
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