Khandesh College Education Society's
Orion English Medium State Board School
  Bahanai Vidyangan M.J. College Campus Prabhat Colony area Jalgaon     (+91) 257 2226443, 2236445

General Rules For The School

1. Parents must use the School Diary as a manner of communication between home and School.

2. Punctuality, regular attendance, proper uniform, earnest efforts in studies and polite behavior inside and outside the school campus are insisted upon. Thus parents are expected to co-operate with the school.

3. Manners and courtesy are given due importance at School. Students must stand up and smartly greet all members of staff when meeting them inside and outside the campus. While doing this, students are expected not to lounge or have their hands in their pockets.

4. Students are answerable to school for their conduct both inside and outside the school campus. Therefore, misbehavior in public places justifies suspension or expulsion.

5. The bringing of any kind of weapon to school or ganging up with others from outside the school also justifies expulsion.

6. Irregular attendance, disobedience, disrespect and insolence to any member of staff may be reason enough for suspension and eventually expulsion.

7. The breaking or damaging of school property that includes furniture, garden plants/trees, light fittings, window panes, writing on walls etc. is prohibited. Erring student will be fined or made to pay the value of the item broken or damaged. Frequent repetition of the above will justify expulsion from the School.

8. Stealing is serious offence. Any student found or caught stealing will be severely dealt with. If an earring student continues such acts, he/she will be suspended or expelled.

9. No student should attend School if he/she is suffering with a serious or contagious disease.

10. English must be spoken at all times. Students will not swear or verbally abuse anybody. Strict action will be taken against those who do not obey.

11. Ragging is a serious offence and is not allowed. Any student found/ragging others; especially smaller boys/girls will be dealt with severely.

12. Parents are not permitted to go to classrooms to meet teachers. If a parent would like to meet a particular teacher, permission from Vice-Principal / Headmistress must be sought.

13. Individuals can best hope to achieve their potential when school and parents work together to support them. We encourage parents to visit the school and attend functions organized by school and discuss their children’s progress, especially on Open house days to iron out any problems that may occur. The Principal is ready to help out in any matter regarding problems that any child may have both school and at home.

14. The use of cellular phones for all students is strictly forbidden. Parents are requested not to give their child/children a cellular phone. If a child is found with a mobile, he/she will be suspended for seven working days immediately and the cellular phone will be confiscated permanently.

15. No student, who has been absent from school or late will not be admitted to class without the permission of the Principal.

16. Any damage of school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount is final.

17. No present of any kind may be offered to any staff member except on circumstances sanctioned by the Principal.

18. Private tutors may not be engaged except after consultation and written permission of the Principal.

19. For sufficient reason, such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, serious misconduct, cheating or absence from a test examination, non-payment of school fees, the pupil’s name may be struck off from the rolls.

20. For Boys:
(a) If a boy shaves, he must attend school each day with a clean-shaven face, and even a single day’s “Stubble” will not be permitted. Mushroom style and fancy haircuts are not allowed. (b)Students are strictly not permitted to either gel or colour their hair.

21. For Girls:
(a) Earrings for girls only, if worn, are either to be studs or small rings. Fancy earrings are not allowed. Rings on fingers are not allowed unless they are of authentic, religious significance.
(b) Nose –rings and nose-stud are prohibited; girls wearing the same will be sent home and will not be allowed to attend classes till the ring/stud is removed.
(c) Make-up of any kind is not allowed in School. Students found wearing make-up will be sent home for the day. Lip gloss is strictly forbidden.

22.The events in the calendar are subject to change as and when necessary.

23. Driving of Motor Vehicles: Students on the rolls of School, even though in possession of a driving license, are not permitted to enter the School premises driving a car, or riding a motorcycle, scooter or scooteretee. The school will not be held responsible for accidents by such students. Serious action would be taken against such students violating this rule and also confiscation of the vehicle.

24. Parents must:
(a) “Attend Open House” regularly to know the progress of your children.
(b) Sign the notes written by the Teachers in the School Diary.
(c) Write your own remarks in the School Diary for the information of the Teacher.
(d) Glance through the books, notebooks and answer papers of the children.
(e) Stay back till the end of functions/events to support not only for your children, but other children as well.

1. Parents are required to see that their sons/daughters are regular and punctual in attendance at School. A minimum of 75% aggregate attendance for each month is compulsory.

2. If the duration of absence is to be for more than two days, a letter should be sent at once, supported by medical certificate in cases of sickness.

The School Gate
1. The School gates will be kept locked in the interest and security of the children.

2. Students must come to School before 07:00 am. The School gate will be closed at 07:05 am.

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