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Recommendation Parents

1. Parents/guardian seeking admission of their children/wards are required to submit the prescribed application forms duly completed in all respects. When a student is admitted, the parents/guardian is required to produce a transfer certificate from the school last attended. No admission will be made without this. The condition of the admission will be that the parents/guardian will comply strictly with terms and rules here in stated and pay the tuition fees and all charges by the due date. Any further changes made in this prospectus regarding rules or tuition fees or any other charges as the management may deem fit, will be binding on them and the same will be notified on the school notice board.

2. Parents are requested to force REGULARITY, PUNCTUALITY AND DISCIPLINE. They should kindly see that their children prepare their lessons daily. They should see that the children give sufficient time to their studies.

3. Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct should be inculcated as well as cleanliness in habits , dress and person.

4. For sufficient reasons, leave of absence may be granted on an application stating clearly the reason, name of pupil class and section.

5. All communication (requests / complaints) should be addressed to the Principal only and not to the class teacher.

6. No visitors (parents or others) will be allowed to see pupils or teacher during school hours. If parents would like to meet a particular teacher, permission of Vice-Principal / Headmistress must be sought. All business will be transacted in the office.

7. Parents/guardian are particularly expected to sign messages, progress reports or any other documents when requested. Failure to comply will put their children to great inconvenience and render them , liable to be sent home. the same may be meted out for late coming or forgetting to bring books.

8. Parents must realise that Parents –Teacher meetings are very important and must attend them when asked to do so.


All fees are to be Paid strictly in advance

1st Installment June - Nov.
2nd Installment Dec.- May.

1. A fine of Rs. 100 will be charged if payment is made after the due date.

2. The delay of payments after the last day of the month renders a pupil liable to be struck off rolls. The pupil will have to seek re-admission on payment of Rs. 2000.00

3. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for any test or examination unless all fees due are paid to date.


1. Every application for transfer certificate shall be made in writing by the parent or guardian only

2. A transfer certificate will not be issued until all the dues are paid.

3. A fee of Rs. 50 will be charged for a transfer certificate. This will be issued only five days after the receipt of an application.

Dear parents,

You are well aware that the state education board has introduced new educational reforms. The State Education Board has abolished all unit exams and has directed the schools to have a holistic assessment of learners. School education in India is witnessing a paradigm shift from age old statistics model to a dynamic participative learning.

The teacher and the learner are at the centre stage, whatever name we give to the reforms brought forth, we need to understand that the education has now gone beyond the class rooms and it requires new reforms.

We will be having Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school-based evaluation of student that covers all aspects of students development means holistic development.

Therefore we will have four exams.

We are sure that this will reduce the stress on the children.

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