Khandesh College Education Society's
Orion English Medium State Board School
  Bahanai Vidyangan M.J. College Campus Prabhat Colony area Jalgaon     (+91) 257 2226443, 2236445




In the service of Children Orion English Medium School is an institution which stands for academic excellence development of skills and character formation, based on the love of God, and in the service of mankind, with a view to training children for all round development and sincere commitment to God and Country.
The school caters to girls and boys of all castes and creeds. The school imparts sound moral, intellectual and physical education. We also offer holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students.

Vision : To be the Primo in Establishing and Providing Progressive, Competent and Class Education Solution.

PRIMO - The Best : We are working to be the best in the industry, meaning we shall be inquirers, upgraded, aware, research based, innovative, and technology oriented, globally competent and cohesive in all that we do.

ESTABLISH – Constitute : Educational institution created by us will serve as an exemplar of highest quality of facilities, resources, education and service from early childhood education to higher education and beyond

PROVIDE – Administer : To make quality education evenly available and promote entrepreneurship. Through constant guidance, training, mentoring and monitoring we ensure exalted services from each of our associates.

PROGRESSIVE - Dynamic education : Engaging learner, Empowered Facilitator ,Elated Parents

Engaging Learner : We provide a high quality, balanced educational program which allows each learner to develop his / her whole being in all areas of development – (academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social) We offer well equipped and safe environment and resources where each learner is challenged and supported to become a critical and compassionate thinker, dedicated learner for life, and a contributing member of local and global community.

Empowered Team : We bring together a highly competent, enthusiastic, qualified, self motivated team and constantly upgrade their personal, professional and functional expertise. We promote transparent communication, logical decisions and respect to individuals and systems. Each of our team members holds high sense of belonging and responsibility towards the organisation.

Elated Parents : We are committed to raise the bar of expectations of the parent body and live up to the same. We partner with the parent in the growth and well being of every student, making every member of the parent body highly content and thus a catalyst to our success

COMPETENT : Affordable Education: We constantly strive to provide value for money for all our learners and associates. By strategic resource planning we provide best services at competent prices

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